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thumbnail singTheWorld

SingTheWorld is a multimedia jukebox powered by Flickr, YouTube and Google Maps. Click on a tag below the pictures and the jukebox will start with new pictures and a new song.

APIs: Flickr, YouTube & Google maps

-> visit singTheWorld

thumbnail wikipedia-roll

Wikipedia-roll is a global and dynamic version of articles from Wikipedia. Quickly, we access to a global vision of a subject through the definition and items of the article in Wikipedia. Then by serendipity, from a link to an other, we discover a lot of things.

API: wikipedia

-> visit wikipedia-roll

thumbnail SecondThought

Second thought is a dynamic image and text composition. You can choose any word to change the picture or the text.

APIs: Flickr & Twitter

-> visit SecondThought

thumbnail TubeClip

TubeClip is a service based on Youtube mixing audio and video tracks from different YouTube's movies. It generates automatically video clips with the song you choose.

API: YouTube

-> visit TubeClip

thumbnail ePassport

ePassport is numeric passport generated with results from APIs.

APIs: Google search, Google images, Ziki & Flickr

-> visit ePassport


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